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Yes i does but not on all devices, there was one website who conducted an experimentation, with mathematical result that somehow it helps, but like what I have mentioned in my earlier post hardware, ROM's and knowledge of the end user are big factors as to how this app will be beneficial. Not all apps (Facebook, Email, Twitter) are at pause when they are in the backround, esp when connected to wifi. they are actually syncing without authorization which make your cpu running. Using this app we can stop them doing that automatically and use them only as desired. You may also try juice defender app with it. Together with Advanced Task Mngr make my phone to have 4-5 days of bat.

Please see the picture provided below:

Kuya, that is why I gave an exception,

Based on our lessons, it can not. Why? When an apps is closed in linux, it is closed and not running. It is just cached in the ram. So in Android, cached tasks are just cached, it wont eat battery. Though in some cases, like the facebook app, it runs and uses your connection (wifi) for updates so it really eats up battery life.

And basically, though Facebook/Email runs on the device, it is the wifi/3G connection that really eat ups much of the battery. Apps runs on cpu at very minimal percentage.

So there is really an exception for resources hog apps.

To add on the picture, HTC gains battery life, because Sense UI eats too much battery, while Motorola and Samsung does not. This should be taken into consideration.

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