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Hi Guys! First of all I would like to say thank you to Western Digital Philippines and HardwareZone Philippines for giving me a chance to test and experience the world's first 2.5-inch dual drive storage solution, WD Black˛ Dual Drive. ~ By the way I'm Lloyd, I'm a Computer Science graduate, a Gamer, and a Lover

Okay, going back with WD Black˛ Dual Drive, given the name Dual Drive, first thing that came to my mind is that 2 physical drive slap together, But in reality is an SSD and an HDD built into one small 2.5″ form factor.

WD Black˛ Dual Drive is packed in a premium looking packaging that ensures that safety of the drive inside, with a formula one race car design with a golden trail that indicates speed and power. I also liked the colors used on the box, Black and gold ..simple and elegant.

Front :

Back :

Upon sliding the inner box, It reveals the whole race car design of the package, this box is much harder than the outer packaging and it has a magnetic flap that makes it easier to access what's inside the box.

Box inside slide out :

• Inside this premium looking box :
- WD Black˛ Dual Drive
- Small warranty guide
- A Quick Installation Guide,
- A Setup Thumb Drive which is actually just a shortcut for the URL where you’ll find the driver for the 1TB HDD (more about it later)
- A USB header that you could use to well, use the drive as an external storage device.

Inside :

Measurement :


WD Black˛ Dual Drive

My personal expectation is that this drive will run slower than the dedicated SSD's we have today but knowing that this 120GB SSD is packed with a 1TB HDD built into one small 2.5″ form factor. That's a wow! ~ let's see how it performs on the following days.

Again, thank you HardwareZone PH and Western Digital PH.

Hello testers. Welcome to the WD Black2 User Trials: Experience the Power of Two! In two weeks, you are tasked to test the WD Black2 Dual Drive and share with us your experiences with that new hybrid storage solution from WD. Per our orientation, the tester who will be able to share the most relevant insights will be chosen as the winner of the user trials and win a PhP 25,000-worth of gaming bundle which include a desktop monitor and a graphics card. May the best man win!

Testers, please introduce yourself and share with us your initial impressions and expectations on the WD Black2 Dual Drive that you have.
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