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WD Black2 User Trials: Experience the Power of Two!

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WD BlackČ Dual Drive Review - The Benchmarks (I)

The Comparison Drives:
1. Sandisk Extreme 120GB 2.5in SDSSDDX120GG25
2. WD Caviar Blue 500GB 3.5in WD5000AAKX-00ERMA0
3. Toshiba 750GB 2.5in MK7575GSX
4. WD BlackČ Dual Drive 2.5in WD1001X06X-OOSJVT0

*Note. Full SATA 3 speeds are not attainable with mechanical hard drives. Both WDC Blue and the Toshiba 750GB are tested using SATA 2 connections. Even the mechanical drive of the WD BlackČ is under this limit even if connected to a SATA 3 port. AHCI Mode is enabled through the BIOS.

Now we head on the numbers.

Anvil's Storage Utilities
Download Link

Anvil's Storage Utilities is a powerful tool that was designed in order to provide users with a simple means of assessing the read and write performance of SSD or HDD. The tests were done using the default settings and with a 1GB test size.

The Read Score of the WD BlackČ SSD is a few points higher compared to the SanDisk SSD. The Write Score of the SanDisk SSD however is around 43% higher than the WD BlackČ SSD. The Read Scores of the Toshiba HDD 5400RPM and the WDC Blue HDD are just a few points in difference but had a 28% advantage for the WDC Blue in Write Score thanks to its 7200RPM speed. The WD BlackČ HDD side is impressive, which came out on top of the mechanical HDD comparisons even if it only spins at a speed of 5400RPM.

AS SSD Benchmark 1.7.4739.38088
Download Link

Testing the sequential or random read/write performance without using the cache, AS SSD Benchmark reads/writes a 1 GB file as well as randomly chosen 4K blocks and additionally performs the tests using 1 or 64 threads and it determines the SSD's access time.

The WDC Blue scored only few points higher over the 5400 Toshiba HDD. The WD BlackČ HDD once again reigned better than the rest of the mechanical hard drives in Read and Total Scores. The WD BlackČ SSD won over the SanDisk SSD in these tests either be it in read or write and in total score which obtained 33%, 11.5%, and 28% advantages respectively.

ATTO Disk Benchmark 2.47
Download Link

ATTO is one of the oldest drive benchmarks still being used today and is still very relevant in the SSD world. ATTO measures transfers across a specific volume length. It measures raw transfer rates for both reads and writes and places the data into graphs that can be very easily interpreted. The test was run with the default runs of 4096kb through 4196kb transfer sizes with the total length being 256mb.

As expected, the Toshiba HDD is slower compared to the WDC Blue, but the WD BlackČ HDD is beating the WDC Blue by 15% in Read speeds and by 16% in Write speeds. The 4K test ruled out the 29% Read speed and 71% Write speed advantage of the SanDisk SSD over the WD BlackČ SSD. Yet the scores of the WD BlackČ SSD are to be appreciated, running past its specified transfer rates.

CrystalDiskMark 3.03b
Download Link

CrystalDiskMark is a disk benchmark utility that measures performance for sequential and random reads/writes of various sizes for any storage device. It is useful for comparing the speed of both portable and local storage devices.

The Toshiba HDD only gained advantage in the 512K Write field against the WDC Blue. The WD BlackČ HDD on the other hand outscored the WDC Blue in every field except for the 0.051 MB/s loss in the 4K Read. Good scores once again for the WD BlackČ HDD against the mechanical drives. The SanDisk SSD excelled only by 47MB/s in Sequential Read and 1.7MB/s in 512K Read along with 18.12MB/s advantage in 4K Write against the WD BlackČ SSD. An impressive speed scores across the chart for the WD BlackČ SSD.

Download Link

Most of them run a single specific test that often doesn't tell you much about how your disks perform in a real-world situation, such as copying large files and even whole directories. Disk Bench is a free benchmarking tool that lets you choose which files or folders to copy. It then copies the data, benchmarks the speed, and deletes the copied data from the destination, though you can also keep the copied data. It also creates test files with a repeating 128-byte string, which is a preferred method for benchmarking a single disk, as well as batch files for testing. The Copy Directory was used with mixed data of 3.96GB in size. The Read file was used with a 148MB.

Having the real world tests of DiskBench, the Toshiba HDD still showed inferiority in read speed over the WDC Blue, especially in write speeds. The WD BlackČ HDD on the other hand still maintained to beat the WDC Blue by a few points in read and write tests. The WD BlackČ SSD maintained to stay close to the SanDisk SSD in terms of Read speed and gained advantage of around 10% in write speed.

HD Tune Pro 5.5
DownLoad Link

HD Tune Pro is a hard disk / SSD utility with many functions. It can be used to measure the drive's performance, scan for errors, check the health status (S.M.A.R.T.), securely erase all data and much more.

Using the File Benchmark tab of HD Tune Pro, the Toshiba HDD showed lower read speed and gained a very minimal 515KB/s over the WDC Blue. The WD BlackČ HDD Still stood with high read speed against the mechanical drives and lost around 13% in write speed. The WD BlackČ SSD performed close to specifications having around 340.6MB/s and 146.9MB/s read and write speeds respectively. The SanDisk SSD on the other hand plunged below specifications and ran only at 406.4MB/s read and 155.8MB/s write speed.

Passmark Version 7
Download Link

PassMark Software has delved into the thousands of benchmark results that PerformanceTest users have posted to its web site and produced charts to help compare the relative performance of different hard drive models with storage capacities from gigabyte to terabytes. The charts include results from many major hard drive manufacturers, including but (not limited to) Seagate, Western Digital (WDC), Hitachi, Maxtor and Samsung. Our data can help you assess the performance of your hard disk drive (HDD) in comparison to similar models, or help users decide whether newer hard drive technologies represent good value for purchasing when it comes to high performing data storage and retrieval.

In here we still see a good consistency in performance from the WD BlackČ HDD over the WDC Blue and Toshiba HDD. The WD BlackČ on the other hand stood firm in its specified write speed against the SanDisk SSD but got only around 16% of the SanDisk’s speed in the Random Seek + RW test and only 51% of the Sandisk’s read speed.

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WD BlackČ Dual Drive Review - The Benchmarks (II)

PCMark 7 Professional Edition 1.4.0
Download Link

The Storage test is a collection of workloads that isolate the performance of a PC's HDD or SSD. Users can choose to test other storage devices in addition to the main system drive.

The WD BlackČ SSD won over the SanDisk SSD in this test by 3.3% in System Storage Score and 2.16% in Raw System Storage Score. A good performance in when fact the SanDisk SSD is of higher specifications. The WD BlackČ HDD stood out among the other mechanical hard drives in both scoring fields.

PCMark 8 professional Edition
Download Link

Use the PCMark 8 Storage benchmark to test the performance of SSDs, HDDs and hybrid drives with traces recorded from Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and a selection of popular games. You can test the system drive or any other recognised storage device, including local external drives. Unlike synthetic storage tests, the PCMark 8 Storage benchmark highlights real-world performance differences between storage devices.

Using the HDD Test Suite of PCMark 8, the WD BlackČ SSD performed better than the SanDisk SSD by having small gain of 0.68%. The WD BlackČ HDD on the other hand lost around 4.35% against the WDC Blue. Bigger gain by the WD BlackČ SSD is obtained in the tested Storage Bandwidth which gave a 19.57MB/s advantage over the SanDisk SSD. The WD BlackČ HDD lost around 8.42% against the WDC Blue in Storage Bandwidth.

PCMark Vantage Professional Edition1.2.0.0
Download Link

PCMark Vantage is a PC benchmark suite designed for Windows offering one-click simplicity for casual users and detailed, professional grade testing for industry, press and enthusiasts. A PCMark score is a measure of your computer’s performance across a variety of common tasks such as viewing and editing photos, video, music and other media, gaming, communications, productivity and security.

Using the HDD Test Suite, the WD BlackČ SSD achieved an advantage of 10.28% in this test over the SanDisk SSD. The Toshiba is still the last in the line-up and the WD BlackČ HDD lost around 6.04% in the score against the WDC Blue.

Sisoftware Sandra 2014.06.20.35
Download Link

SiSoftware Sandra provides a robust package of diagnostic tools for testing your system and teasing out its problems--or potential headaches. This download launches a cheerfully designed interface with an array of colorful--one might even say sprightly--icons for each of its tools. Its arrangement of tools was nicely categorized for the user's benefit: Computer Maintenance, Module Types (Benchmarks, Hardware, Software, Support), and Program Maintenance.

Using the File System Bandwidth benchmark, the WD BlackČ HDD obtained a 27.45% advantage over the WDC Blue. The Toshiba HDD on the other hand scored a few points over the WDC Blue. The SanDisk SDD obtained a Bandwidth score of 35.76MB/s higher than the WD BlackČ SSD.

BootRacer 4.7
Download Link

BootRacer tests how fast a computer boots. BootRacer automatically tests how long Windows takes to start and saves it in a history database. Users can analyze it to compare boot times, before and after users install a new program. The cool feature of BootRacer is the realistic measurement of the time taken to get to the Windows desktop.. Boot time comparison of the WD BlackČ SSD in the desktop and laptop environment were tested by cloning the present contents of the SanDisk SSD in the desktop and the Toshiba HDD in the laptop.

Expecting close or similar performance from the WDC Blue HDD and Toshiba HDD, only the Toshiba HDD is tested against the WD BlackČ SSD in the laptop. This will show the gains in a 2.5” architecture setup upgrade in a laptop. The SanDisk SSD is compared to the WD BlackČ SSD in the desktop. The WD BlackČ SSD is just 4.281 seconds slower than the SanDisk SSD. On the other hand, a 50% decrease in boot time is achieved by upgrading an existing HDD to a WD BlackČ Dual Drive.

Temperature Benchmark
AIDA64 Extreme 4.50.3000
Download Link

AIDA64 Extreme is a streamlined Windows diagnostic and benchmarking software for home users. AIDA64 Extreme provides a wide range of features to assist in overclocking, hardware error diagnosis, stress testing, and sensor monitoring. It has unique capabilities to assess the performance of the processor, system memory, and disk drives.

Using AIDA64's Stress local disk, the WD BlackČ Dual Drive stayed cooler than the mechanical drive counterparts in the comparison. It also kept close temperature to the sole SSD which is the SanDisk SSD.

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WD BlackČ Dual Drive Review - The Benchmarks (III)


WD BlackČ SSD + WD BlackČ HDD
*Note: All images on the left are images of the SSD, and on the right are images of the HDD.


We now can notice that by simultaneous read and writes on the SSD and on the HDD, the transfer rates on both storage are affected and drops on a significant value.

AS SSD - Copy Benchmark

The same results from Passmark are obtained when benchmarking these two storage simultaneously, which shows drops on transfer rates. The HDD transfer rates drop and the SSD is drastically affected as noticed on the differences on the speed and duration of the tests.

AS SSD - Compression Benchmark

As we can see in the image, the transfer rates of the two storage are quite stable when used independently. But when used simultaneously as seen on the bottom of the image, the transfer rates drop especially on the read speed of the SSD. All the transfer rates of the SSD and the HDD are affected and becomes unstable.

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WD BlackČ Dual Drive Review - The Benchmarks (IV)

Gaming Benchmark

Games benefit from SSD through its load time especially when the game loads textures and graphical aspects, though such depend on the game and is not general in nature.

*Note: All saved game files/profiles were moved in their specific drive locations upon testing. Storing such on only one location will affect load times (such as when I tested not moving game files/profiles from the WDC Blue which resulted to slower load time).

Here we can see that the WD BlackČ SSD is performing well by staying close to the performance of the SanDisk SSD. The gains of having a SSD over a HDD is obvious in this chart. Newer games tend to be more storage dependent as shown by the Battlefield 3 load time compared to the other games tested.


We the gamers are strict on FPS values in every game we play. We now must check out if SSD do have impact on games.

*Note: All games above except for Battlefield 3 are over 60FPS, hence, are not noticeable on framerate increase. Battlefield 3 will then be the only game used for FPS Testing.

The values are achieved by taking down the FPS on a specific part of the map. Here we can see minor FPS increase both equal on the SanDisk and on the WD BlackČ SSD. FPS are GPU and CPU intensive so FPS may increase but not that drastic.

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Hi Guys, the time has come to put the WD BlackČ SSD in a side by side performance test with my SSD and HDD, lets see how it will perform against my current gears, let's go !

Boot Racer
Lower is better

Click here for full result :http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/c...psb4ab9a4d.jpg

- This boot speed test was performed after fresh installation of Operating System on all devices, as you can see, WD BlackČ SSD and my current SSD performs almost the same, and it also shows that SSD performance is really on top of HDD's. WD BlackČ SSD booting from turning your PC on to your desktop in just 9 seconds? How fast is that!

PCMark 8
Higher is better

Click here for full result :http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/c...psaa019125.jpg

- PCMark 8 scores shows that WD BlackČ SSD a little bit on top of my current SSD and it's HDD performs a little bit slower than my current HDD, but we can assume that it's because that WD BlackČ SSD uses the same sata port to control both SSD and HDD, it clearly shows "The Power of two" in a single form factor.

PCMark Vantage
Higher is better

Click here for full result :http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/c...psb5676976.jpg

- PCMark Vantage also shows the difference between the SSD and HDD, but in here you can see a bigger jump in performance on the WD BlackČ SSD compared to my current SSD, but WD BlackČ HDD performs a little bit slower than my current HDD.

Crystal Disk Mark / AS SSD
Higher is better

Click here for full result :http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/c...ps3e19b6ab.jpg

Click here for full result :http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/c...ps706bf303.jpg

- Crystal Disk Mark and AS SSD shows scores that is almost the same, with just a little difference. This shows that WD BlackČ Dual Drive can perform at par against my 2 dedicated drives, almost telling them that "Two is better that one" ~ Hey laptop users are you seeing this? Yay !

Now, time to put the WD BlackČ Dual Drive into a real time performance test.. Game time!
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Finally.. Game time! test is done using the same hardwares and game settings.

note : This are the games that I play at the moment. Will try to test out some more later.

BattleField 4

Before playing, I used Nvidia's GeForce Experience to optimize my game settings for my system.

BattleField settings used for both storage device.

BattleField 4 on WD BlackČ SSD

FPS : 58 - 72

BattleField 4 on Kingston HyperX 3k SSD

FPS : 53 - 72

BattleField 4 on Seagate Barracuda HDD

FPS : 54 - 62

Dota 2

FPS : 100 - 120

- After spending time playing on each storage device, there is no noticeable FPS change with the games I'm playing on each drive regardless even if it's an SSD or HDD, but the big difference you will notice even without using a tool to measure is the "loading" time.. Loading time on WD BlackČ SSD is 2 to 3 times faster than the Seagate Barracuda HDD which is really a wow for those who is still using a standard HDD storage, traditional HDD user will really be impressed by performance boost when they upgrade from HDD to SSD.

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WD BlackČ Dual Drive Review - The Conclusion

The WD BlackČ Dual Drive is an exceptional product from Western Digital. It is a revolutionary hardware combining both a SSD and an HDD into a 2.5 inch form factor. It is not in line with hybrid drives as the WD BlackČ use an actual stand-alone 120GB SSD based on the JMicron's JMF667H controller with 20-nm MLC NAND compared to the 4GB or 8GB SSD for caching used by hybrid drives.

The packaging is well designed. The contents are ample and useful especially the USB to SATA cable for cloning or back ups. It is about time that we see sexy packaging for speedy hardware. Good job with the overall aesthetics inside and out along with a five year warranty. A minor observation though, is that the drive must be placed on top of the packaging when opened and not the manuals and the warranty information, but that is just me.

All over the benchmarks we see the performance of the WD BlackČ SSD to stay close and even in some benchmarks surpass its specified transfer rates. Some benchmarks also showed the ability of the WD BlackČ SSD to keep up with the SanDisk Extreme SSD as seen on the PCMark 7, PCMark 8, PCMark Vantage, AS SSD benchmark, and on the CrystalDiskMark tests. A good upgrade is emphasized by the huge performance difference between the WD BlackČ SSD and the Toshiba 750GB HDD from the test laptop. The 1TB HDD on the other hand showed its ability to keep up with the WDC Blue 500GB 7200RPM even if the WD BlackČ HDD is only spinning at 5400RPM. It even outscored the WDC Blue in some benchmarks such as in Anvil and in ATTO. It is not that drastic but is impressive as based on the performed benchmarks.

On the gaming benchmarks once again we see huge improvements in load times from HDD to SSD. The SSD performance of the WD BlackČ is consistent when compared to the SanDisk Extreme, staying close to the values on all tests. FPS test on Battlefield 3 showed slight FPS increase from SSD usage. Newer games may benefit more FPS when such game utilize its textures, environment, and other graphical aspects from the storage device, but still, such will be game dependent.

But every premium comes with a price. With an estimated price of around Php 14,000 an enthusiast commonly will go for the common setup which a discrete SSD for OS and with a separate mechanical drive for storage. That common setup will yield at an expense lesser or may be equal to the price of the WD BlackČ, but surely will beat the dual drive in all performance aspects. With this price a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter is suggested, which will show WD's interest of selling this hardware among desktop users. Desktop users tend to hide or reduce storage devices, as it is becoming a norm especially in the computer modding and enthusiast users.

One more thing which impacted the overall score of the WD BlackČ is on the simultaneous tests. Benchmarking both the SSD side and the HDD side simultaneously revealed drastic drops in both read and write transfer rates as seen on the Passmark and AS SSD Benchmarks. Durations are lengthened as another result of these drops, and instability is experienced as shown in the AS SSD Compression Benchmarks. The firmware update improves the noise produced by the drive and another update is expected to address this issue regarding simultaneous transfer rates.

The Good:
Premium Packaging
Easy to setup
2.5 inch form factor
Offers both capacity and speed
Five year warranty
Decent performance from the SSD
Decent performance from the HDD among the HDDs tested

The Bad:
High price
Proprietary software in accessing the HDD
Low write speed among 120GB SSDs in the market
Instability in simultaneous transfer rates

The Mediocre:
9.5mm height may not fit in every laptop
A 2.5" to 3.5" adapter not included
Manuals and warranty information covering the drive when opening the box

Overall the WD BlackČ is an awesome product with some flaws that may be fixed with firmware updates. The major disadvantage of this hardware is its high price. Single slot laptops and laptops without msata slots are the ones most beneficial with this product. Desktop users may find this hardware a hit if performance to price ratio is improved. Modders and enthusiasts prefer to hide storage devices anyway so this dual drive is an option. The WD BlackČ is a choice for consumers not wanting to have sole SSD storage at the same price point, or consumers needing storage along with SSD performance all through out.

*PS copies of this review are posted in the national TPC website and in MBB website of Baguio.

TPC link: http://tinyurl.com/lr8rhw6

MBB Link: http://tinyurl.com/lgf5qcb

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The WD BlackČ Dual Drive performance surpassed my expectations, I was surprised to see its performance almost near my two dedicated drives, given the fact that it's a single drive acting as two, I thought one or the other drive will sacrifice its performance, but after doing simultaneous benchmarks and test, and using for weeks as my main drive, I was proven wrong.

The WD BlackČ Dual Drive engineering is really top of the line, for them to came up with this new innovation, many of us enthusiast and even casual users will really benefit from this, Specially those who are using laptops and small form factor chassis.

WD BlackČ Dual Drive's premium packaging, elegant design and lot's of usable package inclusion (specially that sata-usb header), compact design and almost near perfect performance can make any enthusiast buy this product, the only thing that can make someone decide not to buy this innovative product is its price. with an estimated price of 14,000 pesos, they will choose the option of buying a separate SSD and HDD for only half its price, if only WD can lower its price a bit I'm sure this product will be a hit.

WD BlackČ Dual Drive is an outstanding innovative product, just like the others it has its own flaws.

To sum it all here's the pro's and con's based on my user trial experience with this drive.

- Outstanding build quality
- Innovative dual drive solution
- Premium packaging
- 5 year warranty

- May not fit on every laptop
- Needs additional driver to access 2nd drive
- Price

Again, thank you very much to Western Digital Philippines and Hardware Zone Philippines for giving me a chance to experience and have this wonderful product. And I also enjoyed my very first user experience/review along with my fellow testers.

From the bottom of my heart.. Thank you so much for this Experience.

Additional exposure links for WD BlackČ Dual Drive :

Symbianize : Click Here
TipidPC : Click Here

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Smile Prizes!!!

The winner takes it all.

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If you want to read my review of WD BlackČ, here's a link.


Thanks Hardwarezone PH and Western Digital for the amazing product!
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Cool Tim Co | WD BLack2 User Trials: Benchmark

VI. Benchmark Results

Hardwarezone provided us with a good set of benchmarking tools. Of the ones given, I decided to use PC Mark 8, AS SSD, and Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.3 x64. I also used another benchmarking tool which measures windows boot time called Bootracer 4.7.

I have installed windows 8 on the WD Black2's SSD and also on the WD Caviar Black (my old drive) for the benchmarking process. I also installed Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite 6 on both. I booted each drive to benchmark its own.

I am not surprised to see the WD Caviar Black outperform WD Black2's Hard Disk Drive because the WD Caviar Black's RPM (7,200rpm) speeds are higher than that of the WD Black2's Hard Drive (5,400rpm).

The disappointing thing to see is that the write speed of WD Black2 is not too far from WD Caviar Black's. I expected a lot more performance from the Black2 with it being an SSD.

What surprised me though is WD Black2's read speed. On its specification sheets, the read speeds were marked at 350 MB/s. On benchmark, it averages at around 429 MB/s which is around 80 MB/s higher.

In PC Mark 8, the storage score of the SSD clearly outperforms the WD Caviar Black.

Testing out the boot speed on each drive, the WD Black2 is the obvious winner. Cutting boot time by more than half. This is where you will clearly see the benefits of having an SSD.

Review Seen at: Tim Co experiences the Power of Two!

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Cool Tim Co | WD BLack2 User Trials: Game Experience Part I

VII. Gaming Experience Part I

I decided to pick 3 games to try out the performance of the WD Black2 and compare it to that of the WD Caviar Black. I used I picked these three games because they have a benchmarking system of their own which checks the minimum, maximum and average frame rates in gameplay. I used FRAPS to take in-game screenshots.

I installed the games on each drive and played them separately. I played and benchmarked these three games with ultra settings on the video options. I also turned off VSYNC because this will limit the framerate in gamplay. Here are my findings.

Tomb Raider Settings & Benchmark

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Cool Tim Co | WD BLack2 User Trials: Game Experience Part II

VII. Gaming Experience Part II

Thief Settings & Benchmark

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Cool Tim Co | WD BLack2 User Trials: Game Experience Part III

VII. Gaming Experience Part III

Batman Arkham Origin Settings & Benchmark

As seen on the game's benchmarks, there is an increase in framerates when using the WD Black2. There is usually an increase in average frames per seconds even on the WD Black2's HDD. The changes though are very small in which case you wouldn't really feel that much of a difference.

One thing to note is the fact that even though the WD Black2's HDD RPM speeds are slower than that of the WD Caviar Black, It does perform slightly better in terms of gaming. It performs close to that of the SSD. I think this is due to the WD Black2's Shift_Technology™.

Another thing that I couldn't display in the benchmarks is the load times of each game. I've been using the WD Caviar Black for a long time and its loading speeds are quite good but upon playing on the WD Black2, you would feel that games and other programs just boot faster even when you install them on the HDD side of the WD Black2. This is probably due to the Shift_Technology™ where the HDD and SSD of the WD Black2 are working well hand in hand to lessen the drag on the PC.

Review Seen at: Tim Co experiences the Power of Two!

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Cool Tim Co | WD BLack2 User Trials: Conclusion

VII. Conclusion

Out of the box the WD Black2 looks and feel like a premium item. The packaging itself sends the message clearly. It strives to provide a balance between an SSD and HDD by merging both together into one single drive. With its Shift_Technology™, the SSD and the HDD works harmoniously together giving your PC a boost in boot times and performance.

I may be a bit nit-picky but I was quite disappointed with the USB Key included. I had hoped for it to contain all necessary files needed to start using the drive without connecting to the internet considering that all of the files provided on the site total to only under 300MB. Instead, it is loaded with an autorun function that sends you to the WD Black2’s webpage and you have to download the drivers and programs manually.

Being a premium item also comes at a price. With an SRP of around PhP14,000, this may turn off some users and prevent them from purchasing the item. If the price were a bit lower, this would probably be a great choice of a hard drive especially for those that couldn’t afford to have 2 separate drives.

Performance wise, the write speeds of the WD Black2’s SSD drive could have been better but overall, the drive performs to my expectations. It provides a decent balance of speed and storage space for a 2.5” drive. The drive cuts my PC’s boot time in half and loads programs and games faster than my old drive. I would definitely make this my main drive and have the old WD Caviar Black as my storage drive.

Thank you so much to Hardware Zone Philippines & Western Digital Philippines for giving me the opportunity to have and test out this awesome product. More power and looking forward to more user trials!

You can also check out the full review here:
Tim Co experiences the Power of Two!

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